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josephliveshere asked: You must hand out corndogs in a corndog suit for a combined 12 hours without eating a single dog of corn



Why do so many people want to dress their dogs like corn? WHY!?

Your search history must be HILARIOUS:)

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Oh goody, a blog about someone’s boring and weird dream.   Aren’t you lucky?! 

I am in the middle of switching medications, and apparently, my synapses are firing in new and interesting ways while I’m sleeping.  I’m going to journal the dreams just because they are so weird.

So my boss, who randomly turned into Michael Ian Black, is driving a huge bus/firetruck of people, picking them up to take them to the airport for the big trip.  My boss/MIB keeps going the long way and re-traveling the same roads and it was very funny.  So then we stopped by my old house and I couldn’t find anything to pack.  Then we all got out at my grandmother’s house, where there was a 2 foot elevation between the front door and the ground.  I was very sure to tell them they had to be careful at my grandmother’s house because she is very neat.

I still didn’t really have the stuff I needed for the airplane ride and couldn’t find anything, including, I think, one shoe.

We get to the airport and I can’t understand how to read my ticket.  (This is usually the point at which I can tell I’m dreaming because if I can’t read, or I can read but then when I look away and look back and see the words have changed, I think to ask, “Hey, am I dreaming?”  But last night, no such luck).  I finally get to the plane, which is at the end of a series of ramps patterned into a maze pretty high up off of the ground.  We fly a while and guess what countries we are passing.  We stop at several, Finland I think is one, and we fly over what I guessed was England and then we were on our way to Japan, which was our final destination.  We landed close to Japan (like you do) and I tried to buy my prescription medicines at a store because I couldn’t find them to pack them.  I was worried about that process, but in the Japan of my dreams, it is no big thing, and they guy gave them to me.  I paid for them with money I didn’t understand to some very nice cashiers from Japan who understood english and very patiently counted out my change as if they were trying to teach me, though I didn’t get it at all.

SO.  That happened.  The night before, I dreamt there were snakes wrapped in a U shape in bags of lucky charms and that if you looked at them really closely, they actually were alive.  They were green and really thin.  And it was somehow “ok” because they weren’t touching the cereal, but were in the bag along the outside somehow.  And I was freaking out because their heads moved.  Then there were big live bugs INSIDE the cereal and most everyone was freaking out about those.  They were about the size of a potato, were black and had hundreds of legs. 

So.   Any interpretations? I’ve never eaten Lucky Charms.  The only thing about them that is in my head is the Patton Oswalt routine where he fears that one day he will be on LSD and explain to his daughter the “truth” behind Lucky Charms ( .  Don’t know if that is related, but it is a funny bit. 

I’m sure you’ll want to hear more, so I’ll keep you posted.

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Song stuck in head:  Once Upon a December

Body:  been asleep more than awake over the past 24 hours, still sleepy, feels heavy and slow.

Cat:  staring at me with either boredom or concern.  Difficult to tell.

If anything new develops, I’ll certainly keep you updated.  :)

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And the rocket’s red glare

I walked home with a veteran today.  There were fireworks going off in town behind us.  My sister made sure to keep him talking and laughing, but every few minutes, he would startle anyway, looking behind him with eyes that saw not our town, but somewhere far away.

And in those moments, I felt anger.  Anger at the politicians who send young boys and girls to experience terror that they are too cowardly or selfish or ignorant to face themselves.  Sadness for the life this brave soul now leads with barely enough money to get by and a crippling disorder which doesn’t allow him to work. 

While most of the people who sent him to his personal hell are now living in their mansions and townhouses, oblivious to his suffering.  I bet they get teary-eyed when they see the fireworks display.  I’m sure they feel very patriotic.  And I’m sure some of them don’t even realize that they men and women they sent to war can’t enjoy the show.  I bet most of them don’t have any idea of the price these young people have paid, are paying, and will pay for that simple luxury that they can no longer enjoy. 

In short, and I say this with all due respect—  Dear Most Politicians:   Fuck You. 

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